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S-4     Yk-poo male 5wks
aprox weight grown
6 to 8lb lb grown
$495   SOLD       

daughter a friend, and me a companion while she's at school. She was house broken within a month and hardly ever  :-)
God Bless!

Martha, it has been my pleasure to get our puppy from you. She is now named Shelby and has not had an accident in the
house. She is the best puppy we have ever had and people love to pet her. You have great pets and we thank you. She slept
the whole way home in the car. Thanks again.                   

Thank you so much for the best dog ever!! My husband and son came there and got Muttlee (yourkiepoo) as a gift 2 me for
V-Day! Muttlee is such a wonderful dog! She is now part of our family!! Every day on my ride home from work I am just
as excited 2 see her when I get home as I am the rest of my family.Muttmutt weighs 3.5-4 lbs and is now 9 months old. She
is our baby!!! She is lovable and loves to play. She is extremly smart and picked up house training with NO problem what
so ever!! She is such a ham! She loves all the attention she can get!! My favorite outing now consist of pet stores! She has
got me wrapped around her little paw!!
Thanks so much for my little blessing!!
Crystal and Muttlee.

Just wanted to say 'hello'.  I baught a 7 week old Yorkie from you a couple weeks ago. (you met me in waverly at
walmart).  I wanted to tell you how much I love this puppy, her name is Izzy.  Everyone loves her.  I take her just about
everywhere, and everyone asks me for your website address =) =)  I thought my mom would be mad when I got this pup,
but she is crazy about her! she always wants to "babysit her grandchild" while I'm at work haha.  So she is spoiled, and
iraq...and she keeps me busy and makes me laugh and smile again.  I hope all is well, and I hope Izzy's sister has found a
good home, or else my dad will be tempted to adopt her too hahaha.  take care, and it was great meeting you all!! Robin

We've had a wonderful few weeks with our new maltipoo puppy! He is healthy, adorable, loving and picks up training so
quickly. I will recommend your kennel to others! Thank you , David

I recently added Lily, a yorkiepoo, to my> family!  She is wonderful, smart, loving, and very easy to>
train!  We are absolutely in love with her and we appreciate> your dedication
and loving personalities to your dogs and> puppies.  It is clearly apparent that
you have put a lot of> love and time in with your puppies and we are grateful
for> your dedication!  I will most definately recommend you to> all of my family
and friends! Kristen

Hello!  How are you and all the puppies??  Izzy is doing wonderful.  My mom spoils her like a grandchild!!  My husband's
name is Darrin.  He is home safely from Iraq.  He was just home for a couple weeks after Christmas.  He is now stationed
in Germany.  He always said he didn't like little dogs, but I caught him holding Izzy like a baby and he said "you can't not
like this little dog, she's too sweet" =)  You can gladly use my comments on your page.  I attached a picture of Izzy.  She
loves wearing sweaters, it's so cute.
I hope all is well,

We are very happy with Roxy.  She is very smart and easily trained.  We want to thank you for such a sweet dog.  We are
considering getting Roxy a little sister so let us know when you have a litter of Morkies (preferably from Little Bit and Fi
Fi).  We will be in touch and feel free to post our comment on your website.

Hi, We bought a female yorkie from you back in January.Met you at a place during a bad snowstorm. I just want to let
you know she will be one year old Oct.31st. She is a dollbaby. She trained to puppy pads real easy. She has been so worth
the trip that night! We love her sooo much and she & our little grandaughter love each other & play alot together.I
wouldn't take anything for her. Also she is beautiful! I'll have to send you a picture of her someday. I get exited everyday
wouldn't take anything for her. Also she is beautiful! I'll have to send you a picture of her someday. I get exited everyday
to see her as I did the first time. She follows me all over the house. She is so loving & I love her ornery personality!She's so
wouldn't take anything for her. Also she is beautiful! I'll have to send you a picture of her someday. I get exited everyday
good to play with & love. She gets a grooming each month & does well with that. Well all & all she's just a super sweet
heart. She's loved sooo much!Everyone who sees her falls in love with her. Also, often we have prayed for you. We hope you
are doing well. And thank you again for our little "Mindy".You may let anyone you want to know how happy we are with
our puppy. Take Care! & God Bless...

Hi, I was just wanting to let you know how grateful I am all the time for my Lexi that I had bought off of you in 2007! She
just turned 4 on April 28. I am very blessed to have my Yorkie/Shitszu mix. She is my baby! She goes everywhere with me
and I would not trade her for the world. She is so smart and playful and so fun to be around. As the time comes up every
year that I had bought her I always think about the time I came out there & picked her up. Just wanted to say thank
you for my baby once again! It's been the best 4 years with her  

Denise July  2012
comments = Hi Martha, we bought Casper from you on Easter, and he is just doing great. He is the best dog I have ever
owned. he is now 5lbs and 6 oz., has all his shots and is housebroken. He is one spoiled puppy and we just love him.
Thank-you so much for raising such a great pup. please feel free to share these comments on your web site. I have

We bought a morkie from you I'm November.  Her name is Sophie Rose, she is an absolute JOY!!  She is very smaert!!  She
learned very quickly how to sit, speak, and give high five.  Her specialty tricks are that she rings a bell to go outside to
potty and will bark quietly when you tell her "shhhh".    She totally changes the mood of everyone in the house,
we are blessed to have a wonderful addition to our family.

$795  SOLD

YORKI-poo  Female 15wks
50.  TINY
[ -B-B ]

from some customers

            TEACUP   $595   
              [ B-C  ]   SOLD

puppy [ B-A ]at 12 weeks

7wksTiny size
[ M-A ]  SOLD

Chocolate and tan $300
[ M-3 ]


11wks $300
[ M -1 ]

Chocolate    $495  
[M-B ]  SOLD

[ B-C ]$300