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I______________________(buyer) agree to pay a deposit of $________to hold a ________________until

 Deposit is only refundable if death or illness occurs before pick up date.  Seller is not
expected to hold a puppy past pick up date unless special arrangements have been made.  Seller will try
three times to contact buyer if puppy has not been picked up by agreed date.  After third attempt, owner is
no longer obligated to hold puppy and contract is broken.

Buyer has three work days, after puppy has been picked up , to have puppy Vet. checked.  If serious illness
is found during this time
, buyer must contact seller immediately!  Refund or exchange of puppy will be
given, only if Vet. finds serious illness within Three work days of pick up date. If death occurs,
 buyer must
show proof of death from Vet.
Seller dose not guarantee color, length or texture of hair. Seller dose not
guarantee against parvo unless proven to originate from sellers kennel.  Seller dose not  guarantee against
worms and coccidiosis unless Vet finds infestation within the three day check up.    Medicine must be
given as directed by the Vet,  without fail.  Only after all medicine is given as directed and the puppy dies
as a result of worms or coccidiosis, will the  puppy be replaced.  NOTE:  Failure to have puppy checked in
three work days will void guarantee. Failure to give medication as directed can result in loss of life. All
other testing such as DNA or birth defects must be done in the first three days, after which all sales
become final and no other guarantees will be implicated.  Replacement will be given at the discretion of the

One year guarantee against congenital disease. Puppy will be replaced only if not able to get around or
death occurs from congenital disease found by the Vet.

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